Can I Get Invisalign With A Bridge?

Many of us have undergone dental treatments for various oral problems. A dental bridge can restore multiple missing teeth or correct smiles. For some patients, that is not enough and demands additional intervention to improve esthetics, such as orthodontic treatment or Invisalign. Invisalign works similar to metal braces with the added benefit of a metal-free smile. In City Dental DC, we provide Invisalign services in Washington, DC.

A common query from patients is whether they can undergo Invisalign treatment if they have a dental bridge in their mouth. Dental bridges are fixed permanently to the natural tooth after shaping and grinding the tooth to accommodate the bridge. A cement helps seal the bridge to the tooth adjacent to the missing tooth space. Even if you have multiple dental bridges, Invisalign treatment will not affect the bridges or vice versa.

Our dentists in Washington, DC, provide Invisalign services after a thorough oral examination and detailed discussion with the patient. Set the treatment goals beforehand to avoid unrealistic treatment outcomes. For patients with rotated teeth, crowding, and proclination of the jawbones, Invisalign may not be the best option. For Invisalign, the dentist uses software to design customized trays for each patient. Some patients are conscious of their appearance while wearing metal braces. The Invisalign trays are clear and comfortable to wear. You can remove the trays while having food and clean them. The patients have to wear the trays till the tooth moves, after which they require a new set of trays. After about 12-18 months, the teeth will reach the outcome.

Don't let crowns and dental bridges stop you from getting your perfect smile. Schedule an appointment with our expert dentists at City Dental DC in Washington, DC, for Invisalign services by calling us on (202) 628-7979 today.

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