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Our Vision is to “establish and set a higher standard of care”, via a network of dental offices, to serve the DC population. We will accomplish this by trying to make your experience seamless. Getting a breakdown to the best of our knowledge of your insurance information, entering that information into our computer system and then after a thorough dental exam using both our visual and technological experiences, our team will discuss with your treatment plan and estimated associated costs. In this trusted relationship, the more you know, the better decisions you can make about any health care we can provide for you.  

We believe Our Mission at City Dental DC is to provide quality dentistry for people of all ages, using the latest technology.  We offer a wide range of dental services, including preventive, cosmetic, restorative, sedation, sleep apnea care and reconstructive dentistry.  We pride ourselves on our patient-centered practice.  We do everything possible to make dental visits pleasant, and positive experiences for our patients.  We at City Dental DC continually strive to earn the loyalty and trust of our patients, and expect that we will see second and even third generations.

Our Strengths:

  1. Insurance breakdowns to help patients understand a little better their policies to help them make better health decisions when moving forward with accepting a treatment and their associated costs.
  2. Technology to show to the patient and prove what it is that they need and to help explain why.
  3. Several options and specialists under one roof.
  4. Multiple locations for convenience.

Most dentists will tap you on the shoulder, say “see you next week for that filling” and then walk out of the room, leaving you to wonder what just happened, why, how much, etc… and then have you speak to a non-dentist about your treatment plan. At City Dental DC, your dentist will take the time at the initial appointment to explain to you what it is you need and why. They will show you using modern technology the reason you need a certain procedure. They will also go over with you a preliminary sense of your insurance policy. Trust us on helping guide you financially as to what the next best course of action is for you.  

Let’s face it, you “hate” dentists. We want to make you change that belief. Let us use our skills, technology and experience to help you overcome what you desire, a clean, healthy and beautiful smile. Let us make the dental experience better!

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