Want a Dazzling Smile? Try Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening offers the perfect solution to a dull smile. Your Washington, DC, dentists at City Dental can help you erase years of stains in just a single whitening session.

How your teeth become stained

Dark pigments in foods, drinks, and tobacco collect in microscopic pigments in your tooth enamel, making your teeth look dull or yellow. Coffee, tea, red wine, cola, and sports drinks all contain these pigments, as do blueberries, cherries, candy, ice pops, and other foods.

Teeth whitening offers a simple way to erase dental stains

Teeth whitening treatment offered by the Washington dental office targets the pigments that cause stains. Your dentist uses a whitening gel that contains hydrogen peroxide, an effective, natural stain remover.

As soon as the gel is applied to your teeth, it begins to seep into the pores, breaking apart and removing the dark pigments. Although over-the-counter whitening kits also contain hydrogen peroxide, the gel dentists use contains a stronger form of hydrogen peroxide. Professional whitening can be a good choice for you if you want:

  • Impressive Results: Professional teeth whitening can lighten your teeth by three to eight shades.
  • Short Treatment: Drugstore products may require lengthy treatments and might not produce the results you want. When you visit the dentist, whitening only takes about an hour.
  • Uniform Results: Do-it-yourself whitening can produce uneven whitening. Tapes that don't fit your teeth correctly may produce a two-tone effect that draws unwanted attention to your smile. Your teeth may look speckled if plaque and tartar remain on them when you whiten, as the whitening gel can't penetrate plaque and tartar. Before your professional whitening session, your teeth will be cleaned to remove plaque and tartar. Your dentist will also use a brush-on whitening gel to ensure that your teeth are uniformly covered with the whitener.
  • An At-Home Option: You can also whiten at home if you want with whitening gel and custom trays provided by your dentist. At-home whitening takes a few weeks but also offers dramatic results. If you choose in-office whitening, take-home trays will make it easy to touch up your professional results as needed.

Are you ready to revitalize your smile with teeth whitening? Call your dentists in Washington, DC, at City Dental at (202) 628-7979 to schedule your appointment.

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